Public Power Generation Agency (PPGA) is an interlocal agency established in Nebraska for the sole purpose of constructing and operating Whelan Energy Center Unit 2.

PPGA is a body corporate and politic under the laws of the State of Nebraska. PPGA was created as a joint entity pursuant to Section 18 of Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Nebraska, the Interlocal Cooperation 13-801 through 13-827, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, 200, as amended, and the PPGA Interlocal Cooperation Agreement dated as of September 1, 2005 among the five PPGA participants pursuant to the provisions of the Act.

PPGA was created solely for the purpose of owning, financing, acquiring, constructing and operating the Whelan Energy Center Unit 2 Project. PPGA is undertaking the Project to provide a long-term, base load power supply resource for the Participants.

WEC_nw_view1Whelan Energy Center Unit 2 is a 220 megawatt (MW), pulverized coal-fired generating plant located near Hastings, Nebraska. The Project was declared ready for commercial operation May 1, 2011 after nearly ten years of planning and five years of construction. The Project burns low-sulfur coal from the Powder River Basin. It boasts dual rail access for delivery of coal and the use of groundwater for cooling. The plant also meets all of the latest pollution control standards with an air quality control system that includes an electrostatic precipitator to remove fly ash, a scrubber to remove sulfur dioxide, selective catalytic reduction to reduce nitrous oxides, and a baghouse for additional particulate removal, as well as mercury removal controls. The Project is well-positioned to meet many existing and future rules pending with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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